dental implants turkey

What are dental implants?

Despite remarkable progress in oral and dental healthcare, the pervasive issue of tooth loss persists, attributed to factors such as tooth decay, periodontal disease, or traumatic incidents. In ancient times, individuals contending with missing teeth had limited options, resorting to dental bridges or dentures. However, the advent of dental implants has transformed this landscape, introducing a more reliable, durable, aesthetically pleasing, and enduring solution.

Leading implant brands, such as Straumann Group, Nobel Biocare, NTA Switzerland, Astra, and Ostem İmplant, have played pivotal roles in advancing dental implant technology. These distinguished names have propelled innovations that redefine tooth replacement, offering a sophisticated alternative to traditional methods. Dental implants, functioning as innovative artificial tooth roots, establish a robust foundation for tailor-made prosthetics that seamlessly integrate with the natural dentition. Essentially, these implants replace lost tooth roots with meticulously engineered counterparts, ensuring stability and permanence.

implants to replace the lost tooth roots with a new one. Dental İmplants are screws made of Titanyum and inserted into the jawbone that serve as a root for the missing tooth. Titanyum is a health friendly metal that does not harm your body.


Typically, our dental implant process in Turkey involves two visits. During the initial visit, we'll place the dental implants, followed by a 4-6 month waiting period before fitting the implants. Your second visit completes the treatment with the placement of permanent dental implants.

Alternatively, we offer a Same Day Implant option in Turkey, condensing the process into just one day. The first phase takes approximately 3 days, and the second phase, for the permanent implants, requires 5 days. This provides you with a quicker and efficient alternative, should you prefer a more expedited treatment.


Clarifying misconceptions about dental implants: Our competent team of Turkish dentists prioritizes your comfort by employing precise anesthesia, minimizing any potential post-procedure discomfort. Their unwavering commitment to strict hygiene standards ensures a sterile environment, substantially reducing infection risks. Many patients affirm the notably comfortable experience of dental implants compared to tooth extractions. Choose the expertise of our professionals for a secure, comfortable, and minimally invasive dental implant journey in Turkey.

dental implants turkey