dental implants turkey

What is a Dental Implant ?

Despite today's technological advances in oral and dental health, many people often experience tooth loss due to tooth decay, periodontal disease or trauma. İn ancient dentistry, the only treatment options available to people wiht missing teeth were dental bridges and dentures. Nevertheless, dental implants are more reliable robust, more aesthetic and permanent.

    The pioneers of these dental implants are implant brands such as Nobel Biocare, NTA Switzerland,  Bıcon Short İmplant, Ostem İmplant.  Dental İmplants are new artificial tooth roots. İmplants provide a strong foundation for hard discs made to fit your natural teeth. In other words, a dental

implants to replace the lost tooth roots with a new one. Dental İmplants are screws made of Titanyum and inserted into the jawbone that serve as a root for the missing tooth. Titanyum is a health friendly metal that does not harm your body.

How much time does implant procedure require?

It usually takes two visits to Turkey. In your first visit , there will be placing of dental implants, and then you should wait of 4-6 months before the implants are fitted. İn your second visit to Turkey, you will get your permanent dental implants and your treatment will be completed. However, you should be aware that the option is Same Day

Implant in Turkey ( Only One Day Implant in Turkey). It usually takes 3 days for the first phase and 5 days for the second phase.

Is Dental Implant Procedure Painful?

People usually have a misunderstanding about the process of implants. First of all , you will be under local anesthesia to numb your mouth or general anesthesia and not feel anything. However,  after the procedure you may feel some discomfort. Secondly, our dentists in Turkey work in a very clean environment so this gives little chance of infection. People also say that dental implant procedure is less painful than removing teeth.

So do not hesitate to take this treatment of dental implants in Turkey.

dental implants turkey