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Laminated veneer is an aesthetic dental application to swollen anterior teeth. Laminated veneers are produced from porcelain whose physical structures are strengthened. It is attached to the front surface of the teeth. İn this way, the tooth becomes more aesthetic. It is a freguently used technique used in smile aesthetics.

Who does not apply laminated coating?

It can be aplied to all patients who do not have very capracyclic teeth and do not have missing teeth.  İt is not suitable for individuals with jaw closing problems. Because the force that comes to the laminated veneer, which is actually a jaw closing problem, is breaker. For this smile design, more zironium, e-max crowns are used.

Who can apply laminated veneers ?

Laminated Veneer aesthetic tooth application can be applied to patients with simple applications. It can be applied to patients who want whiter teeth. İt can be applied to patients who do not have a dental jaw closure problem. Hollywood can be applied to

patients who want to smile. Turkey laminated Veneers laminated aesthetic treatment,  taking care as the most frequent clinical dentistry products conservatory.

With a conservative approach in dentistry, restorative extraction that requires less tissue has come to the fore. Porcelain laminates are annotated procedures that require little or no preparation on the tooth. Positive  results are obtained due to the good color permeability of porcelain laminates bonded with special adhesives. İn this way, it is among the commonly used restorative options. Observing highly sensitive techniques, very thin laminae provide very good harmony with the tooth and surrounding tissues. Laminates are prepared with little intervention to the teeth.  İn some cases, without the need for intervention, only the size of the tooth is taken and the porcelain is prepared in the dental laboratory. The thickness of the finished laminated tooth is approximately 0.5

to 0.7 mm. Since the preparation is only made on the front surfaces of the teeth,  it is among the conservative treatments. Due to its light conductivity, the prosthesis is provided to give the same reaction with natural teeth.  The time spent to give an aesthetic form to the mouth of the patients has been shortened. İt is considered to be very advantageous since there is no operation for the reduction of the tooth.


The cost of veneers depends on a variety of considerations, including the following:

The number of veneers that you get

The geographical area where you live, territory, state or town

The difficulty of the process

Cosmetic dental treatments are known as veneers. You’re also unlikely to have an


insurance company to cover these expenses.

The cost of veneers is expensive in most situations. A single veneer attachment for porcelain could cost up to £ 1,000 in the UK per tooth. So, you cannot find any cheap porcelain veneers in UK compared to veneers in Turkey. You would have to pay tens of thousands on the process if you were to have several veneers. Veneers start from £ 100 to £ 250 in Turkey.

It’s just an alternative to fly to Turkey to reduce the cost of your operation. It’s critical that you first find a good oral surgeon like our experienced dentists in Turkey.

You may explore options that will cost you less if dental veneers are entirely out of the budget limit. Dentures or tooth whitening processes, for example, may also enhance the look of teeth.

If you’re a patient from a developing world, flying to Turkey to get veneers is incredibly pricey. To help tourists, the tourist-friendly nation has inexpensive lodging and low travelling costs. Veneers Turkey gives you the world’s most reasonable cost.

e max laminate veneers turkey